Dealing with fertility related issues, pre natal tests and advise for a healthy pregnancy along with vaccination needed.

Routine ANC check ups, identification of any high risk factors, ante natal supplements and vaccination, treatment of pregnancy related ailments.

Dealing with lactation problems, postpartum problems and contraceptive advise.

Options for safe delivery in various hospitals and maternity centres nearby your home as per requirements.

Dealing with menses related problems, vaginal discharge and other gynaecological problems like ovarian masses, tubal pathology, fibroids uterus or other uterine and cervical masses, endometriosis in reproductive age group patient.

For elderly women pap smear, endometrial biosy and menopausal supplements and treatment of various menopausal related health issues.

Dealing with fear for safe and healthy relationship and contraceptive advice and control of menstrual cycle.

Problems like delayed or early puberty, menses related problems, vaccination in teenage and counselling regarding new onset gynaecological problems.